Thermomix Demonstrations

What is a Thermomix demonstration?

First of all, it is an informative demonstration where you can learn about this little wonder. In addition, four different dishes are cooked in the Thermomix demonstration in under an hour. Then, the food is sampled by you. Finally, at the end of the Thermomix demonstration you will find out about the prices and methods of payment. Buy your Thermomix in Bristol at Cooking It. Cooking It! is also a Team Builder and recruiter of Thermomix demonstrators, you could get your Thermomix for free. Call us to find out more, you have nothing to lose.

What is a Thermomix and its benefits?

  • The smartest and smallest Kitchen in the world.
  • The cooking machine which can do it all for you and your family, even the children can use this super safe machine. It is more than a food processor.
  • Make fast, easy, healthy and creative food with the Thermomix, by cooking with your fingertips.
  • Thermomix cooks, steams, chops, blends, emulsifies, kneads, grates, mills and much more.
  • Saves time to a busy household. Increasing pressures at work and family life means that people have less time and motivation to cook.
  • As a result many people rely on convenience foods and pay the price with their health and their wallets, with Thermomix you will have an extra pair of hands in the kitchen.
  • Food can be prepared in little time and effort using the freshest products that are in season. It reduces preparation time so that you can get on to do other important things.
  • It even washes itself, reducing the amount of pots and pans to wash up after a meal.
  • Most noteworthy, is that it has potential health benefits you can control what ingredients go into your food, so can eliminate to majority of of artificial flavours and other food additives.
  • It has a steamming method which it is widely acknowledged to be the healthiest method of cooking. Retaining flavours, colours and juices within the food.
  • Thermomix makes cooking for special diets so much easier e.g. Gluten free, dairy free, egg free and no e-numbers.
  • Therefore, is also ideal for those who want to loose weight, it even tells you the nutritional value of the meals that you prepare.
  • The environmental benefits are impressive because it uses less energy for food preparation because it is so quick.
  • Finally, Thermomix uses less than half the power of an induction hob when cooking and steaming. The motor has an advanced heating system which works together with the bowl to minimise the time required to cook foods. Heat is controlled which means the food keeps all the nutrients.

Cooking It! is an official Thermomix Advisor and Team Builder of Thermomix Advisors. Book now a Thermomix demonstration Bristol and surrounding areas in the comfort of your own home. Get 3 or 4 friends and you can watch the wonders of this small chef. Alternatively, you can come to Cooking It! for the Thermomix demonstration. Call us to find out more, you have nothing to lose!