Best Spanish Cookery

Best Spanish Cookery

The Best Spanish Cookery class in Bristol is a good way, to learn how to cook Spanish food.

I crave the flavors of Spain, all the time. Spanish cuisine varies tremendously across the different regions. These regions all have one thing in common the use of fresh and local flavors. Spanish cuisine is heavily influenced by its climate and geography.

The best way to describe Spanish food is the generous use of olive oil, paprika and garlic in dishes.  Spain has direct and abundant access to some of the best seafood in the world, and the cuisine offers everything from octopus to razor clams. Meat is also an important part of the Spanish diet and culture, specifically cured pork like jamón serrano and beef (eaten more rarely). Wine is a regular part of mealtime, similar to other Mediterranean countries. Fresh ingredients are of the utmost importance in Spanish cuisine, and because of this, dishes tend to be on the healthier side.

Come and learn how to cook my favourite dishes with me here at Cooking It!best-spanish-cookery

Two different classes meat or fish. Enrol to anyone that you like or both!

Fish £65 per person Or Meat £45 per person. Enrol in both and the cost is £100 for both per person.