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Cookery School in Bristol

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We specialise in both Tapas & Spanish cooking classes and Children’s clubs and cookery classes in Bristol. We also offer so much….to kids parties, a kitchen helper service & supper clubs.

We are based just off the Gloucester Road in BS7, with easy parking.

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Children’s Cookery Classes ¦  Adult Cooking Classes



Cooking Classes Bristol

Cooking Classes for Children

We offer fun, hands-on cooking classes that will maximise independence in the kitchen.

First of all, in the cooking classes for children, they will discover the enjoyment of cooking, furthermore will gain an understanding about the importance of nutrition.

They will learn to cook with seasonal ingredients, while creating nutritious and delicious meals in a safe manner. As a result they will get an understanding about healthy food and diet. Cooking Classes for Children in Bristol will provide them with kitchen guidelines and safety whilst cooking (eg. disposal of waste, handling knives, separate boards for preparing raw meat, etc.).We aim to cook together ensuring safety in the kitchen and awareness of possible dangers.

Check out some of our activities for kids:

Children’s Cooking Parties ¦ After School Cooking Clubs ¦ Mini Chefs ¦ The Baking Club for Children ¦ Kids and Teenager’s Cooking Classes in Bristol


Cookery Schools Bristol

Cooking Classes & Services for Adults

Our cookery classes in Bristol specialise in Spanish & Tapas food but we offer a wider range for all tastes.  We also offer a ‘Kitchen Helper‘ & a Weaning babies cooking class.


Tapas Cooking Classes Bristol – Bristol’s Tapas Supper Club


Cooking It! runs regular Tapas cooking classes in Bristol, so that you can join in the feast. In addition, we also teach groups. Do get in touch and tell us what your needs are!

How many of you there are? We can tailor the class to suit your needs.

Usually, in the tapas cooking classes you will learn how to prepare five dishes and a dessert. The 3.5 hours tapas cooking classes are interactive and finally eat it together.




Cookery Classes Bristol

Kitchen Helper : A personal cook who brings lovely homemade food to you.

The kitchen helper brings wonderful homemade food to you, to be frozen or to put in the fridge and you can eat it at any time you like.

We know how busy life can get, you may not have the time to cook a proper meal. Happiness in part, is to do with a good meal and food is one of the most important things. We do the shopping for you, and we cook it. You will not have to worry at all about the food that you eat or think about what you will eat on the day.

The Kitchen helper will also cater for small parties and events. Just ask us for details.

Weaning Babies Cooking Classes

Come and join us to this new cookery workshops for new mums. How do you feed your baby? When should you start weaning your baby? Which food should you give to your baby? What are the best foods for the growing brain? Furthermore, when should you move on to other foods?

These workshops are a great way to introduce your baby to new flavours and you’ll get to meet other new mums. Once, as a new mum I did not know where to start or how to start, feeding my precious new baby. I had so much conflicting advice that my head did actually hurt.

Cooking classes Bristol