Cooking Classes for Children

First of all, in the cooking classes for children, they will discover the enjoyment of cooking, furthermore will gain an understanding about the importance of nutrition.

They will learn to cook with seasonal ingredients, while creating nutritious and delicious meals in a safe manner. As a result they will get an understanding about healthy food and diet. Cooking Classes for Children in Bristol will provide them with kitchen guidelines and safety whilst cooking (eg. disposal of waste, handling knives, separate boards for preparing raw meat, etc.).We aim to cook together ensuring safety in the kitchen and awareness of possible dangers.

The young cooks will be given a copy of the recipes to be cooked on the day. They will be let loose to work as independently as possible, or in small groups, preparing the recipes.

A bit more about what we do in the cooking classes for children…

Therefore, emphasis is placed on the proper handling of food and safe use of tools and appliances. Safety instructions and practice allows cooks (if there is an indication of confidence and physical ability) probably to learn to boil, sauté, steam, simmer and bake.

In addition, Children are taught simple adaptations and routines to lower the risk of injury as they work with hot pots and dishes.

While they learn about the importance of careful measurement techniques which are taught as a means to reproduce a recipe. Cooks learn to slice, dice and chop using a vast variety of tools including pizza cutters, chef safety knives, scissors and plastic knives. As the courses progress, they use peelers, juicers, safety graters and corers. Proper tools are utilised for zesting, juicing, mashing, whisking and blending.

Some comments from children about the cooking classes at Cooking it!

I do love coming to cooking it. I have a lot of fun and learn how to cook cakes – Hannah, 6 years old

The after school club is really great fun, especially after a hard day at school it gives me the chance to prepare food, which afterwards I share with my family. Although most of the time I eat it myself on my way home – Charlotte, 11 years old

I have been going to the breakfast club with 3 of my mates for the last 6 months and I simply can’t get enough. I wish that it was every Saturday! – Alfie, 10 years old

Fun, Fun, Fun… it is all I can say! I LOVE IT! – Maria, 8 years old

The After School and Holiday Cooking Clubs

The after school cooking club runs half-termly in conjunction with school’s term times. There are weekly sessions in the afterschool cooking clubs is, which run for 6 consecutive weeks. These must be booked and paid in advance as a block. There is a maximum of 6 children per group and a minimum of 3 children. The current groups are Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Where two members of the same family attend the cost is reduced by 10%.

Each session is themed around a different cuisine from around the world. Incredible recipes will include well-balanced meals and snacks that are selected to appeal to all tastes. Recipes include some single portion meals as well as special occasion foods for family meals and entertaining. Look in the calendar to see the classes that we offer.

During half terms and school holidays we run cookery classes. Generally, they are in the mornings or the afternoons. Courses must be booked and paid in advance. Children can attend a single day or several of them, if they are booked on more that one day, a 10% discount will be given on the total bill as well as if there are two or more children from the same family. Generally they run on consecutive days. The workshops generally always have a theme for each day. Children eat what they have prepared during the workshop.

The classes are small with a minimum of 3 and maximum of 6 children per class. Children will be split into separate groups depending on their age.

Cooking it! Saturday Clubs

In addition to the cooking classes for children in Bristol we do run Saturday workshops. They are generally once a month. The workshops are on baking cakes, baking bread and puddings. Also we run The breakfast club is 10.00 am to 12.00 pm. The lunch club is at 12.00 pm until 2.00 pm. These are for children who can’t attend the after school cooking clubs because they are too busy during the week.

These Saturday clubs have to be booked in blocks of 3 consecutive months. Suitable for children between 8 to 11 years old. Although we are able to offer spaces to younger children, whom can cook or are familiar with the kitchen and cooking.

Mini Chefs Club

Wednesdays between 1.30 pm and 3.00 pm. This club is suitable for confident pre-schoolers between the ages of 3 and 5. Children are let loose in the kitchen with non cook recipes. They are supervised with child friendly utensils. They do have plenty of fun!

Sample of a typical 6 week block:

  • Mexican Cuisine
  • Moroccan Cuisine
  • Italian Cuisine
  • Spanish Cuisine
  • Japanese Cuisine
  • Chinese Cuisine

Furthermore after each half term we will move on to other cuisines from around the world or themes.

  • chocolate workshops
  • biscuits
  • eggs and how to cook them
  • Bread and dough making
  • interesting puddings to entertain
  • yogurts and ice creams
  • jam making

We will also be celebrating the festivals around the world through food (Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Chinese New Year, etc.).