Cooking Classes for Children

Cooking Classes for Children

The cooking classes for children are a phenomenal way to discover the art of cooking. Children will gain an understanding about the importance of nutrition and good food. The children will get a copy of the recipes which they will be cooking on the day. They will be let loose to work as independently as possible, or in small groups, preparing the recipes. See bellow all the courses that Cooking It! has for the young chefs.

You can choose from After School Cookery Classes, Holiday Cookery Courses, Cooking it! Saturday Baking Club, Saturday Breakfast Club, Mini Chefs Club, Special Events Cookery and Duke of Edinburgh Cookery Skills Courses.

Cooking it! Cooking Classes for Children

After School Cookery Classes


Cooking it! Saturday Baking Club


Holiday Cookery Courses


Saturday Breakfast Club
Mini Chefs club


Special Events


Duke of Edinburgh Award Cookery Skills Courses


A bit more about the classes…

Each session is the after school cookery classes are themed around a different cuisine from around the world. The recipes will include well-balanced meals and snacks which to appeal to all tastes. Recipes include some single portion meals as well as special occasion foods for family meals and entertaining. Look in the calendar to see the After school cookery classes that we offer.

Courses must be booked and paid in advance.

The classes are small with a minimum of 3 and maximum of 6 children per class. This is to make sure that all children get the most help and plenty of attention.

They will learn to cook with seasonal ingredients, while creating nutritious and delicious meals in a safe way. As a result they will get an understanding about healthy food and diet. The Cooking Classes for Children will provide them with kitchen guidelines and safety whilst cooking (eg. disposal of waste, handling knives, separate boards for preparing raw meat, etc.).We aim to cook together ensuring safety in the kitchen and giving them the awareness of possible dangers, whilst in the kitchen.

The after school cooking club runs half-termly in conjunction with school’s term times. There are weekly sessions, which run for 6 consecutive weeks. These must be booked in advance as a block. Maximum of 6 children per class. Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.