This are lovely although making them takes a bit more than skill. It took me a few goes to make them properly. I felt quite pleased of myself when I did finally manage to perfect them. Have a go! They may not run out pretty the first time, but they certainly will taste lovely. You can also make them without the Thermomix. it is just more of a pain.

Tips for perfect macarons

Be Prepared: Weigh and measure all your ingredients before you start and always sieve the icing sugar and the ground almond; you may think skipping this step will not matter; it does. Not sieving, you risk lumps in the mixture which will flatten the macaron mixture.

Clean and Sparkly: Use egg whites that are a few days old and at room temperature. Before whisking make sure your whisk and bowl are sparkling clean and grease free.

Slowly Does it: Don’t add all the sugar to the egg whites in one go, in three parts is usually best. Whisk the egg whites really, really well, they should be so stiff you can turn the bowl upside down, and they will not fall out.

Do not be heavy-handed: When mixing the almond / icing sugar to the beaten egg whites, use a slim spatula and fold quickly and gently. You will lose a lot of the air, but the resulting batter should still be thick and airy. Too runny and you have over worked it.

Less is More: Use a simple round nozzle in your piping bag, anything fancier is a waste of time. Less is more when piping onto the mat or greaseproof paper; you do not have to fill to the brim as the mixture will settle and fill the indent.

Tap and Wait: Once piped, tap the baking sheet sharply on the work top to remove any air bubbles and to help the mixture settle. Leave the piped macarons to dry before cooking; 20 – 30 mins is best; the macarons surface will dry and become smooth.

Waft, Waft: Half way through cooking, open the oven door and quickly waft it a few times to allow any steam to escape. Close the door and finish the cooking.

Be Patient: Once cooked, slide the mat / greaseproof onto a cooling rack and leave the macarons to go completely cold. DO NOT be tempted to remove the macarons until they are cold, you will be upset if you do; the macarons will stick.

Gently Does it and More Patience: Pipe the filling on to the flat side of one macaron, place the other on top and twist gently to spread the cream. Once the macarons are filled and you are about to think of eating them, just know; they are best kept in a container inside the fridge overnight. The end result is a more chewy and better flavoured macaron. It’s tough I know but it does work.

And Finally: If you do not have the time to complete making the macarons once cooked, or want to prepare some in advance, the shells freeze really well. Put them into strong container so they don’t break and keep in the freezer for no longer than a month. Always make the buttercream filling fresh, this does not freeze very well.


Prep 40 min Cook time 2h 30m Makes 40



95 grs ground almonds (which you can grind with the TM)
95 grs icing sugar (which you can grind with the TM)

To make sure the bowl is residue free
300 grs water
50 grs vinegar

For the Italian merengue

75 grs cater sugar
20 grs water
2 eggs whites (room temperature)
2/3 drops of food colouring


1,- Prepare two oven trays with greaseproof paper. Have a piping bag ready with a round tip.
2,- Add into the bowl the sugar and the ground almonds and grind 10 sec/ speed 10. if they are not grinded properly. just give it another 5/10 sec. Put in a bowl for later. Rinse the bowl with soap and rinse, no need to dry.
3,- Add to the bowl the 300 grs of water and the vinegar and program 10 sec/speed 7. Add the butterfly and program 10 sec/speed 4. Empty the bowl, rinse and dry everything really, really well. This process will have made sure that the mixing bowl and everything else is completely oil and residue free.
4,- Add to the bowl 65 grs sugar and 20 grs water without the measuring cup and program 4 min/115 C/ speed 1. Put in a bowl and for later.
5,- Insert the butterfly in the blades and add 10 grs sugar, egg whites and food colouring and beat for 2 min/speed 3.5
6,- Use the spatula to make sure the mixture is at the bottom of the mixing bowl and without the measuring cup, beat for 5 min/speed 3.5 add in the 2 first minutes the sugar and water in step 4, pouring it really slowly. Remove the butterfly and add to a large bowl. Add 3-4 tbsp. at a time of the icing sugar with the almonds into mix and making sure that you fold the sugar and do not stir it. Do this until you have finished all the almond sugar.
7,- Put this mixture into a piping bag and add little dots to the trays. Make sure that you have the piping bag a 1cm from the tray and squeeze a bit of merengue. Slowly lift the piping bag (but do not make circles). Make sure that they are about 3/4 cms apart to make about 40/48 units. Lift the trays and let it drop onto the worktop. Allow to rest about 15/20 min.
8,- Turn on the oven 140 C but do not use the fan!
9,- put in the oven during 14 minutes. Let them cool down until they are completely cold and then you can add anything that you like. I like them with NUTELLA and Thermomix made lemon curd.

Filling Variations for Macarons (Buttercream)

Pink macarons: raspberry, strawberry are good matches, or for contrast add a little vanilla flavouring to the buttercream.
Green macarons work very well with a pistachio flavoured cream, use either food additive or finely ground, pistachio nuts.
Still green, add a little coconut, fresh lime zest and a tiny squeeze of the juice for a zingy filling.
Purple, blueberry flavor is perfect.
Cream coloured vanilla extract for an extra creamy taste.
Yellow, lemon works well.