University Cooking Survival Guide

The real survival guide to eating well when they go off to university

Student cooking doesn’t have to stop at spag bol or fish fingers with chips.

A few key tools will ensure the most basic student digs can produce a decent dinner.

I find that sadly, nowadays young people can’t cook. To my dismay that included my eldest daughter (she has never shown any interest in cooking whatsoever!). She was going to leave for Uni one September without any skills (at least knew how to peel an apple and a banana). I gave her and several of her friends a crash course before they went. They went on to feed themselves properly. Well, most of the time. They gained a good understanding about basic cooking.

University survival guide to cooking

Seems that parents nowadays have busy lives. In addition, they can’t spend time in the kitchen with their offsprings. Opposite to years ago when parents and grandparents used to have time to teach their children.

Teenagers are preparing themselves for adult life in the big wide world and they should go into it well prepared. Cooking It can get them ready for University life and eating really well. After all, they can’t eat takeaways every night!

We can prepare your teenager for leaving home, and equip them with a great set of skills to cook healthy, quick and easy meals. They will get a recipe card from each recipe that they have cooked. They will eat what they’ve cooked. Moreover, they will get plenty of tips on cooking techniques and recipe preparation and alteration.

As adults we recognise that food it is about much more than fuel for our bodies – our diet can have a huge impact in our sense of wellbeing, happiness and personal appearance.

Personal Chef Services-Kitchen Helper

Learning to cook can be a really empowering skill. This can build young people’s confidence as they move towards being independent and sociable adults. You never know, they may want to impress somebody! We work with small groups of young people.

University cooking survival guide happens in the evenings and Saturdays. These cater for their needs in groups of no more than 10 people. Most noteworthy is that special diets are also at the forefront of these classes.